Warhammer - Ravenor: The trap
Personal Project

This is the work I created during the eight-week CGMA course “Narrative Illustration and Character” by Miguel Iglesias.
My personal goal with the course was to improve my art on the narrative or rather the story level. The main task of the course was to find a narrative/subject matter to illustrate and finally to realize it step by step. Always important was to explore different options and to focus on the narrative with every step, all guided by great input and feedback from Miguel.
In my case I chose to interpret a scene from the Warhammer books about Ravenor, by Dan Abnett, to challenge myself with many difficult poses, facial expressions, characters and creatures. The keyframe illustration shows the desperate battle of Ravenor and his crew being trapped on an alien planet, where they get attacked by an endless swarm of Tyranids.


Keyframe Illustration
Concept art & Design
3D Design


Adobe Photoshop




Warhammer - Carl Thonius: Character Illustration
Personal Project

As part of the course, we also worked on a separate character illustration during the classes in two weeks of the entire course. Once again, I challenged myself with a rather difficult character. Carl Thonius from the Ravenor books, written by Dan Abnett, is an aspiring Inquisitor. But he gets corrupted by the dark forces from the “Warp” during the adventures in the crew of Ravenor. In the process of this corruption, he gets possessed by a demon. However, he keeps believing till the end, that he could use the dark forces for good and always tries to help.

With the illustration I wanted to show the two sides, a skilled person, that offers help, that regardless can not be trusted, since something is not right with him and the dark forces he uses.